YOU CHOOSE packs have been such a BIG hit I'm deciding to bring them back this month with newly formulated packs that still allow you to pick the items with choices including what's available at the time your order's placed!


Order now to have your pick of EVERYTHING in stock at this time- includes so much more than what's pictured!


Your investment towards these packages allows Mindie to dedicate time this month towards MAKING NEW ARTWORKS!!! Mindie is moving in to a new studio space this month and is anxious to be able to start juggling multiple projects more easily, again! It's been a few months since Mindie has been able to create something completely fresh and she's got a handful of ideas in mind, specifically with a "magic" art themed contest in her sights. The grand prize being $50,000: your investments this month allow Mindie to dedicate time towards creating concepts for submission with hopes of winning!


Small Merch. Pack $10

2 1.25" Buttons

1 1.5" Button

3 3" Stickers


Postcard Pack $20

5 Postcard Art Prints

1 3" Sticker


Coloring Pack $25

10 Coloring Pages 8.5"x11" looseleaf cardstock

2 3" Stickers


Large Merch Pack $35

2 1.25" Buttons

2 1.5" Buttons

9 3" Stickers

5 Postcard Art Prints


PURGE Merch Pack $50

2 1.25" Buttons

2 1.5" Buttons

1 3" Button

9 3" Stickers

5 Postcard Art Prints

15 Coloring Pages 8.5"x11" looseleaf cardstock

+ MINDIE'S CHOICE! Mindie will select one random item from her merchandise inventory to toss in!



Invest DIRECTLY towards Mindie's ability to set aside time to complete new digital artworks this month- guaranteed! In exchange for your generous support, Mindie will also commit to sending you a small print of the design (it will only be released publicly if NOT selected for the contest- the more investments recieved towards this package, the more designs Mindie can create earning you EVEN MORE!)


Art MAGIC Pack $125

Invest directly towards Mindie's ability to set aside time to complete new small-scale illustrations this month! In exchange for your generous support, Mindie will mail you the ORIGINAL!


Please review shipping and refund policies before checking out. Some packages contain ITEMS THAT WILL NOT BE ORDERED OR CREATED UNTIL YOUR INVESTMENT IS RECIEVED. All of these packages pre-ordered will then be shipped out between the 15th & 25th of April. All Perks Packages are non refundable, please keep this in mind when ordering. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Lucky YOU Packs

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    Entirely self taught, Artist Mindie Gum-Grivell works with both traditional & digital mediums. Most known for her colorful and wildly imaginative artworks, Mindie enjoys painting & illustrating a variety of subject matters and her execution always results in a bright and somewhat cartoon-like piece of art! 


    It wasn't until 2010 when she first tried her hand at paint on canvas and struck with the insane creative force driving her to pursue more seriously. In 2014 her little family moved to Indianapolis, IN, which is where she began her art journey. With full-time focus she developed Aries Art NW, her personal studio & pop-up gallery for showcasing her variety of creations and concepts. Showcasing her artworks in public galleries, art exhibits and art fairs in and around Indianapolis, IN, Mindie has also had the opportunity to exhibit her artwork in other Midwest cities including Chicago, IL. During this time she also curated and executed her own art-tour of pop-up events & exhibits through Washington & Oregon in May of 2018.


    In 2019 they returned to their roots in SW Washington State where she now happily resides with her spouse. She's almost always hunched over some sort of craft project or out showing her creations, but she also enjoys watching cartoons, reading and traveling. All things that also inspire her creatively. 


    Mindie is partnered with the leading world-wide organization of female illustrators, animators, artists and comic creators Girls Drawin' Girls. Her artworks can be seen in their weekly social media updates and at their GDG convention & gallery events world-wide, including SanDiego Comic Con & more! Mindie is also partnered with Glowing Goddess Getaway and as a Goddess Guide she's responsible for leading a series of "Creating Through Cannabis" workshops and discussions, on location at their weekend retreats world-wide in addition to providing freelance Creative Director, Social Media Management & Brand Development servicesMindie has professional and creative experience in all facets of brand development. Beyond custom logos and graphics, Mindie's also skilled in curating unique and visually appealing social media feeds, using her graphic design and photography skills alike to visually build a unique and effective marketing campaign.

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