Personalize your sesh space with this smoking accessory by Blazy Susan™️, hand painted by Mindie! NO TWO PAINTED BLAZY’S ARE ALIKE!Blazy Susan™️ is currently offering this setup at an amazing rate and while Mindie is still working on it, it’s only available exclusively to those of the Perks Package Program.FOR ARIES ART SPONSORS ONLY!Invest $200 and you get:•Dab mat featuring Mindie’s painting “Midnight Toker #1,” the inspiration for the hand painted theme! ($12 value)•Silicone debowler attachment ($10 value)•Silicone storage attachment ($10 value)•1 MT button•50% off 1 Grinder (while supplies last)•Hand painted Blazy Susan™️ featuring built-in medical grade silicone oil slick, accessory slots and holders: There dedicated spots to securely hold bangers or bowls, BIC & Clipper lighters plus a variety of smaller holes. ($200 value) How this helps: Your investments towards this package not only gets you this unique hand painted product, you're also helping fund my next Blazy Susan™️ project! Ultimately my goal is to use the proceeds from this product to continue funding the supplies needed to make these with the hopes to profit from it one day down the road. Thank you so much for considering! Much love, Mindie Please review shipping and refund policies before checking out keeping in mind all packages secured and rewards earned will be distributed within the first week of the following month, giving you the entire month to take advantage of the offers & earning opportunities outlined in the email and without paying to ship multiple packages. The hand painted product specifically is still being painted and will be shipped as soon as it's done in the case it is not ready by the time everything else ships. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

OG Smoking Lady Blazy Susan™️ Investor




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    Entirely self taught, independent Artist Mindie Gum-Grivell works with both traditional & digital mediums. Most known for her colorful and wildly imaginative artworks, Mindie enjoys painting & illustrating a variety of subject matters and her execution always results in a bright and somewhat cartoon-like piece of art! 

    Known for her detailed concept portaiture and unique cannabis concepts, Mindie is commonly recognized for her advocacy for legalization. Through these artworks Mindie has worked with a variety of brands and organizations, many of which cannabis focused, and has also earned a handful of creative and entrepreneurship awards for her work both within the cannabis industry and without. 

    Partnered with the leading world-wide organization of female illustrators, animators, artists and comic creators Girls Drawin' Girls. As a featured artist her artworks can be seen in their weekly social media updates and at their GDG convention & gallery events world-wide, including SanDiego Comic Con & more!


    Resident Artist with the touring cannabis wellness retreat Glowing Goddess Getaway,  providing elevated "Creating Through Cannabis" workshops and discussions on location at their weekend retreats world-wide in addition to providing freelance Creative Director, Social Media Management & Brand Development services

    With a personal mission of inspiring everyone to create, Mindie is available for creative workshop experiences & events in addition to organizing her own. These include virtual events, too!

    In line with this mission Mindie has teamed up with her fellow female-cannabis artists to create a collective to further connect and develop this community. Flower League offers their artists a variety of opportunities ideal for those looking to get in to the industry, too!

    Mindie's self-curated a handful of exhibitions and tours over the years, in addition to being a part of others. She's shown her artworks all over the US including but not limited to Portland, OR, Chicago, IL, and Indianapolis, IN. 

    Summary of Past Events & Exhibits


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