The Aries Art Perks Package Program is Mindie's rendition of a subscription sponsorship service! Receive exclusive access to all things Aries Art at a major savings in exchange for your investments when you enroll in to Mindie's Perks Package Program. Every contribution keeps the Artist working, with no commitment required.



Your initial investment of $25.00 gets you 10 misc. merchandise items from Mindie's inventory PLUS ongoing access to exclusive prints, merch., experiences, and behind-the-scene content - all at a majorly discounted rate! There are no monthly financial commitment or reocurring charges!


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An Artist's income is unpredictable and entirely dependent on the sale of their art & products. Some Artists have created Kicksarters, GoFundMe's or Patreon's with similar intentions, Mindie has opted for her own concept! The Aries Art Perks Package Program is slightly different than most subscription services in the sense that you're not commited to any certain monthly amount beyond this initial start-up cost, however; Mindie's income can become just a little more predictable with your enrollment to recieve emails on opportunities to make monthly contributions in exchange for goods and access to exclusive merch. and experiences. 


Here's how it works:

  • For the initial investment of $25.00 (+Shipping), you will recieve 10 misc. merchandise items from Mindie's inventory, chosen entirely at random. Total savings average $5-$15, sometimes MUCH more depending on what she tosses in! Want to choose your items instead? Shop the webshop and recieve enrollment with all orders of $25+! 
  • Your purchase of this enrollment package constitutes as your subscription to Mindie's monthly Perks Package Program emails.
  • Monthly Perks Package options and earning opportunities will then be sent to your in-box giving you exclusive acces to a variety of Perks Packages featuring a variety of amazing & exclusive offers in exchange for your sponsorship another month! Also includes opportunities to earn & qualify for FREE goodies just for staying subscribed, too! 
  • There are a variety of package choices each month oftentimes starting as low as $1! The more you invest the larger your package is! You will ALWAYS be offered a savings vs. market price in exchange for your investments!
  • If you do not wish to contribute that month you don't have to do anything, just ignore the email and look out for the next one, next month!
  • Recieve updates on Mindie's fundraising efforts happening behind the scenes, what projects she's working on that require funding. Ideal for tracking how your investments help her in reaching these goals!
  • Email is the main form of communication for this program but you will also recieve an invite to the private group on facebook exclusively for those enrolled where Mindie holds additional monthly contests, art auctions and more!
  • Please be sure the email used when checking out today is the email you wish to subscribe with. Your email address will be protected at all times and every email will include a link for you to change your subscription email or unsubscribe at any time, should you wish. 
  • This is not the same as the Aries Art website or blog subscriptions, this is a seperate email that will only be going to those who've enrolled in to the Perks Package Program, by purchasing this package. 


Read more about this program in these past blog posts.


By purchasing this enrollment package you are not committed to any other charges beyond this intital payment which is just for the enrollment pack of 10 misc. merch. items. There is no monthly financial commitment or reocurring charges beyond what's clearly outlined and being charged here. You will only be charged again if you complete the checkout and payment process for one of the monthly Perks Package sponsor options sent to you in an email. This will require you to re-enter your payment information at that time. Your payment information will never be saved or stored. 


Thank you for your consideration! It means a great deal to Mindie that you've chosen to invest in her art career by subscribing to learn more about other sponsorship opportunities! 


Once purchased your enrollment Perks Package will be sent out soon, stay tuned for the next email containing more ways to save while continuing to invest! It is suggested you add to your contacts to avoid having the monthly Perks Package Program emails fall in to your spam folder.


To note: No requests- items are chosen entirely at random. 


IMPORTANT: Mindie's artwork includes a broad spectrum of subject matters including things that may not be suitable for those under 18 and the enrollment package will include a variety. However, the monthly contribution choices may ocassionaly include specific child-friendly packages, stay tuned!! 


Please review shipping and refund policies before checking out. You are purchasing this item as outlined above and understand the items included in this enrollment pack are a mystery to you- returns will not be accepted in the case you are unsatisfied with the items in your Perks Package Program enrollment package. If you wish to unsubscribe from the email service, you can do that at any time via the link provided in the emails. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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    Entirely self taught, Artist Mindie Gum-Grivell works with both traditional & digital mediums. Most known for her colorful and wildly imaginative artworks, Mindie enjoys painting & illustrating a variety of subject matters and her execution always results in a bright and somewhat cartoon-like piece of art! 


    It wasn't until 2010 when she first tried her hand at paint on canvas and struck with the insane creative force driving her to pursue more seriously. In 2014 her little family moved to Indianapolis, IN, which is where she began her art journey. With full-time focus she developed Aries Art NW, her personal studio & pop-up gallery for showcasing her variety of creations and concepts. Showcasing her artworks in public galleries, art exhibits and art fairs in and around Indianapolis, IN, Mindie has also had the opportunity to exhibit her artwork in other Midwest cities including Chicago, IL. During this time she also curated and executed her own art-tour of pop-up events & exhibits through Washington & Oregon in May of 2018.


    In 2019 they returned to their roots in SW Washington State where she now happily resides with her spouse. She's almost always hunched over some sort of craft project or out showing her creations, but she also enjoys watching cartoons, reading and traveling. All things that also inspire her creatively. 


    Mindie is partnered with the leading world-wide organization of female illustrators, animators, artists and comic creators Girls Drawin' Girls. Her artworks can be seen in their weekly social media updates and at their GDG convention & gallery events world-wide, including SanDiego Comic Con & more! Mindie is also partnered with Glowing Goddess Getaway and as a Goddess Guide she's responsible for leading a series of "Creating Through Cannabis" workshops and discussions, on location at their weekend retreats world-wide in addition to providing freelance Creative Director, Social Media Management & Brand Development servicesMindie has professional and creative experience in all facets of brand development. Beyond custom logos and graphics, Mindie's also skilled in curating unique and visually appealing social media feeds, using her graphic design and photography skills alike to visually build a unique and effective marketing campaign.

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